What is your DJ doing to make sure you have a great wedding reception? Do you know what he has done to prepare for your reception? There is a common misconception by people that a DJ shows up, plays for 4 or 5 hours, and then goes home. How did his equipment get there? How does he know what to play? How does he know who to introduce and when to do each event in your reception? What many brides fail to take into consideration when choosing a DJ are the experiences, talents, coordination of the reception, and the hours of preparation a DJ brings to the table to ensure a successful reception. A skilled and professional DJ will dedicate hours to planning your reception before he even sees your first guest.

What you don’t know about a professional DJs preparation may surprise you. A professional DJ usually has experience for your reception because he has performed several of these in the past. You will benefit from his past successes and failures that allow your reception to be better than his previous one. These subtle differences can make a huge impact to the overall success of your reception.

Preparing for your reception will include meetings. These meetings allow your entertainment coordinator to better comprehend the dream you have for your reception. During these meetings your professional DJ should ask many questions about you and your guests. The more your entertainment host knows about you and your guests, the better chances he has for creating a successful reception as you have envisioned.

Organizing your music may sound simple. You might think most DJs use the same music at each reception. However, each bride has specific desires for the atmosphere she wants to establish with music. Your DJ may need to reorganize his library, add additional selections, or even find music you have requested which is not in his library. The success of your reception involves providing the right mix of music you and your guests will enjoy.

Your DJ provides much more than “just the music” at your event. Because he has met with you, he understands your dream. He has crafted the order of events as you requested. He will perform as Master of Ceremonies, making announcements, working with your other wedding professionals, and will keep the sequence of events flowing. A major portion of the success of your reception rests in the hands of your chosen DJ entertainment coordinator. You most likely will never see the work involved in setting up the sound system and lighting. Maintenance of a professional sound system, the quality of professional equipment, and checking components are all a part of giving you the best sound quality you can enjoy at your reception. A professional DJ will most likely show up 2-3 hours prior to the start of your reception. Setting up, testing the equipment, and performing sound checks craft a great start to a great reception. When you walk into the room, you will not only enjoy the sights of the decor but the sounds of a professional music system. Your DJ is setup, ready to go, and dressed appropriately for your reception.

When researching your entertainment choice, evaluate the importance of your DJ. Your investment in your entertainment will contribute more to the overall success of your event than you realize. A professional DJ will care about the success of your reception and will invest a great deal of time into creating the atmosphere you have imagined. While you may think your DJ “just plays music”, it is his experience, talent, and expertise that will deliver the reception you have always dreamed.

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